Yesterday I searched for the perfect dress and tried to realize if that fits me well or not. I have a lot of dresses, but they're  all with no sleeves and it's been so cold the past few days that I needed to find a very comfortable and warm dress, and I did. It's like that one that you can see.
After finding the right dress, I was searching for the perfect hairstyle and of course Lauren Conrad will be my first choice, she's amazing and have amazinh hair styles and looks, so I decided to take a chance on this one that you can see, Lauren Conrad at MTV VMA's 2009. 

I'm not sure about the make up, but I think I'll use red lips and softer eyes, I don't want to have a heavy look. It's going to be such a GREAT event, and I'm really excited.

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Ohh and don't forget that Lanvin for H&M arrives today.