After A LOT of posts about the latest event I've been to I decided to calm down a bit and deep inside this christmas time because christmas is almost here, the streets and the stores are full of decorations, and a lot of new stuff for this time. Although the adorable stuff I can see on the stores, I can't resist to these amazing products that I asked Santa to give to me. Besides that I asked for some money, my trip to Paris need to be HUGE and I need to make a lot of shopping there, I'm really excited about that.
So what's your christmas list?
I "transformed" my facebook page on a kind of a "chat room", ehere I talk about the latest trends, events,  launches and things like that, so if you want, take a look and share with your friends. Yesterday I said that I received a lot of requests asking me to make some "fashion for him" posts, and I'm rally thinking about that. What's your opinion?