Hello my dear lovers!!
I'm back home, finally! I had the most AMAZING time at the Caribbean, here are some pics for you to see.
The people, the food, the animation, the sun, the beach.. it was all SO perfect! Loved the vacations, loved my group. Amazing time! I did a little quick video, actually I look like a little zombie talking because I'm so tired but I really needed to thank to ALL of you that said so many nice things to me, and for all the birthday wishes. THANK you so much, you mean a lot to me.

Yesterday I couldn't upload the video that I made because my Internet connection was SO low, you have NO idea.. I'm so sorry for my late video post, but it's finally live! I don't know why is the video so weird but I'll improve it as soon as I can.

Don't forget to add me on facebook and twitter to all the updates my dear lovers. Thank you so much to all of you.. You ROCK IT!

♥, Jo