Hello lovers, 
Yesterday was my birthday and here are some pics of my night. I have the most AMAZING people in the world as my friends. Thank you SO much to Maria João, Maili, Ana, Xico, João and Carolina! I had the most amazing night ever, so much fun with you. My girls? We are like Sex and the City, LOVE YOU sweeties. Xico made me scones as a birthday cake, so cute and SO yummy too! I'm really glad to have all of them on my life.

I need to thank to all of you that said the most WONDERFUL things to me, thank you so much sketchers. I'm having so many new ideas for the blog, need to organize them all and then I'll tell you.. Excited? You must be..

Don't forget to add me on facebook and twitter to all the updates my dear lovers. Thank you so much to all of you my lovers.

♥, Jo