Hello sketchers,
I'm a little scared with this post, I've been cleaning my closet since 8pm till now and I took some photos of it for you to see. I couldn't clean everything, I really have a lot of stuff and I don't have all of my clothes on my closet, I have them for all over the room on more drawers. My closet it's divided by sections (yes, I really care about my collection of clothes ahah), my shirts are divided by colors, whites, browns, peach, pink, red, green, blues, blacks. My dresses and skirts are in another closet, my outside coats jackets and blazers too, and my cardigans and tops too. So, I have  two walls full of closets, about six doors of closets.

Well, I need to tell you that I have two closets, when you enter in my room you have a hall with them.
Ohh and I'll tell you a secret, when we moved to this house, about 4 years ago, I choosed the room with more closets, and btw it's the biggest room too. How cool is that? Ahah. Love my room.

So here are some pictures that I took while I was cleaning a part of it, ahah. You really encourage me to do this and I did, so here they are, as promised. The next post will be about some of my favourite pieces of the closets that I cleaned today. Keep one eye on the blog.
Hope you have fun as much as I did.

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