Hello everyone!
How's everything? Between a lot of stuff to study, I could FINALLY store some shopping that I've made, it's incredible what you found when you're cleaning your closet.. (and I only cleaned two drawers). Well,  anyway.. here some pics of what I bought - two skirts, one lace t-shirt, some rings (not everything, I also bought two black dresses and some makeup). I'm soo addicted to those rings that you can see on that little cute shoe (that my BF offered me). They're all from H&M - it's with GREAT promotions, enjoy them.

Wednesday, I'm going to my brother's prom, so cute. Yesterday I was talking over the phone with a friend of mine and she asked me "Why don't you do some make up tutorials? Or why don't you start a vlog?".. Well, I don't know. What do you think about it? What do you like to see on a vlog that you've never seen?
love, johanna