Goodmorning lovers! 
Yesterday night was so fun! Thank you so much for all your support and your nice comments, you're all so sweet! I took some photos that I need to post for you to see them. Ohh I saw a bat yesterday at the convent, it was so small, so cute. My dress was a simple black straight dress, so much alike Audrey Hepburn (one of my muses)and my red shoes, vintage earrings that my grandmother gave me and a diamond ring that my BF offered me.

So today's post is from ELLE Belgium, an editorial from June called "The nude is the new white", she's Thais Rumpel and the photographer is Alain Richard. I'm so addicted to the drap dress of the 4th picture it's GORGEOUS, and she's so pretty.

I have a question for you, yesterday I talked about messy rooms and I realized, after reading your comments that must be fun to do a post about our rooms. What do you like the most on your bedroom? Things like that. What do you think?

Hope you like this post, 
♥ johanna