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Quem me conhece sabe que este sou louca por tons brancos, tenham eles variações de marfim, pérola, branco puro... adoro mesmo! E se forem de inspiração boho com rendas, franjas e bordados, melhor ainda. WHITE WOMAN é o novo editorial da ZARA que nos transporta para um verão bem campestre, de inspiração bohémia e com peças lindas cheias de detalhes: mangas compridas, casacos bordados, kimonos rendados, peças em linho, vestidos fluidos ou tops com folhos. Tudo isto com algo em comum: total white! Se houvess um editorial feito à minha medida, seria este, sem dúvida! Deixo-vos com as imagens para nos inspirarmos para o fim-de-semana que está mesmo aí à porta!




All about Eve

It's been a while since my last editorial here on sketchbook, and when I saw this one I immediately knew that I needed to share with you. These pics are all so AMAZING, so young and have this amazing light effects that turn them into some magical place, oh and the model is just stunning. The editorial is from the all about eve clothing line, with this amazing pieces, so inspiring to me and to my t-shirts line that I'll be posting up some drawing soon of them.

Well, since I didn't post an editorial for a long time I don't really know if you like these kinda of posts or do you want me to do more about me, my routine, my outfits and so ? Please let me know here on blogger, twitter or facebook.

With all my ♥, Jo

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber for ELLE

Hello lovers,
Dusan Reljin proved, once again, that knows how to work with the camera. Don't believe it? Check out this editorial with Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber! Amazing style, amazing clothes, make up and shoes! That long jacket with black and white stripes are making me SO jealous, want it for the winter!

Have so many things to show you, the hotel is so great and the caribbean are a DREAM! Love this around here, amazing really.

    ♥, Jo
    (writing from the caribbean)

Alana Kuznesova for ELLE September '10

Hello sketchers,
I'm a huge fan of 50's, 60's and 70's style! In order to that, I'm LOVING this editorial for ELLE with Alana Kuznetsova photographed by David Slipjer and styled by Anne-Marie Curtis. Loving this editorial, with great clothes and that picture with the blue dress is making me FREAKING out. It's so beautiful, really loving this. Do you like it?

Don't forget to add me on facebook and twitter to all the updates my dear lovers. Thank you so much to all of you.. You're the bests!

    ♥, Jo
    (writing from the caribbean)

ELLE Belgium

Goodmorning lovers! 
Yesterday night was so fun! Thank you so much for all your support and your nice comments, you're all so sweet! I took some photos that I need to post for you to see them. Ohh I saw a bat yesterday at the convent, it was so small, so cute. My dress was a simple black straight dress, so much alike Audrey Hepburn (one of my muses)and my red shoes, vintage earrings that my grandmother gave me and a diamond ring that my BF offered me.

So today's post is from ELLE Belgium, an editorial from June called "The nude is the new white", she's Thais Rumpel and the photographer is Alain Richard. I'm so addicted to the drap dress of the 4th picture it's GORGEOUS, and she's so pretty.

I have a question for you, yesterday I talked about messy rooms and I realized, after reading your comments that must be fun to do a post about our rooms. What do you like the most on your bedroom? Things like that. What do you think?

Hope you like this post, 
♥ johanna


Bibi Chemnitz 2011 ad campaign

Hello sketchers!
How gorgeous is this? I'm really into this editorial for Bibi Chemnitz 2011, she reminds me Leighton Meester a lot, don't you just LOVE gossip girl? Anyway, she's Maria Mikkelsen and the photos are by Hordur Ingason. I really love this editorial, such a gorgeous outfits I love all of them!

What about a vlog? I've been years to decide what to vlog about, because you can see everything. Can you help me out? 

love, johanna


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